Wednesday, February 3, 2010


All of here at PDCR greatly value our foster homes. They show such a willingness to help, display patience in dealing with some of the issues that our dogs come with, and give so much love to their foster dogs.

We average about 12 foster homes, and if you think that each year, we deal with over 100 dogs, those foster homes have about 8 dogs in their care per year, at least.

PDCR has only ever operated with the help of foster homes, and although having a facility might help, we will only ever operate out of foster homes. Why? We have always believed stongly that dogs do so much better in family settings. We are able to get in depth reports from our foster homes on the dog's personality, likes, dislikes, funny quirks, and we also get cute candid pictures of the dogs just hanging out having fun. They are loved, comfortable and learing how to be good house dogs in their foster homes. What would they get if they were sitting in cages? Maybe a few hours of interaction, and a walk or two everyday. Because we personally know each dog in our system, we are able to place our dogs in forever homes knowing that the dog's personality and needs will be met in that home.

Foster homes are key in our work, and we are so thankful for the ones that we have. We are however in need of a few more foster homes. Our current homes go on holiday, have families, and sometimes would like to take a break in between foster dogs, OR, they adopt their foster! That is fine and we are happy, but a limited amount of foster homes, means we have to limit the amount of dogs that we help.

If you would be interested in finding out more about fostering, we are holding a Q & A type meeting for old and new foster homes. The meeting is going to be held this Friday evening at 7pm, if you are interested in stopping by to meet us and find out more, please call: 795-2599 for the address of the meeting.