Saturday, February 6, 2010

We've Got It All!

We have SO many dogs in the PDCR system right now. We normally post about one or two dogs at a time so each dog gets its day on the blog. The past few weeks has been super busy with rescue, the intake part, that we took in about 12 dogs and have only posted about 4 or 5. They are all phenomenal dogs that are so deserving of new homes, we thought we just had to do a big post about all of them. We hope you will enjoy reading about all of them and will keep them in mind for people who are thinking of adopting, or for yourself too of course. We really do have someting for everyone right now!


She is a very sweet and unsure young female dog that was picked up as a stray in Cardston. The shelter held her til PDCR was able to take her in. She is doing very well in her foster home. They have kids over 8, a couple of cats and three other dogs that are keeping Tippy company. She is a Shepherd X, about 10 months old. She had her vaccinations, chip, and spay done last week, she is ready to join a new home.


One of our puppies in the PDCR pack right now. She is adorable. I have been fostering her this week and have to say that other then the normal puppy quirks, she is actaully a nicely balanced and well mannered puppy. She is about 16 weeks old now, house trained as much as she can be at this age, loves to go into her crate for bedtime and when we got to work, or when I want to mop my floors without her adding her footprints to the job! She also a Shepherd X, about 55-60 lbs full grown, that came to us from a shelter in Montana.


Not that the other dogs are badly behaved, but Maren is honestly the best behaved one in the bunch. She was a stray from the Taber area and came to PDCR from that shelter. She is about 7 months old, spayed, chipped, and vaccinated. She shares her foster home with Moe, a wonderful male Mastiff. She licks his lips all day long and plays for hours with him. She is housetrained and crate trained and a very small medium sized dog, probably only 35 pounds full grown, and because she has the cutest freckles on her face and legs, we are going with Heeler X.


What a dog. She is a Whippet X Border Collie. She is beautfully athletic and has speed. Flyball and agility would be right up her alley. She was an owner surrender. Her home's fence had boards missing from it and she was just way too bored out there to not take advantage of the escape route, that made her 'bad' and unwanted! She is doing very well in her foster home's securely fenced yard. She is house and crate trained, spayed, vaccinated and chipped.


What a sweetheart, just look at her face! I was sent a link about her from another volunteer who knew I wouldn't be able to resist helping her! Thanks Bobbi!! So, here is Ophelia, she is about a year old and a PitBull X. A smaller medium sized dog. The picture above is of her just after she was found with a litter of puppies. The picture below is of how she looks now, just a few months later. The shelter was so excited that we would be willing to help with the poor little thing, they say she is very friendly, not very hyper, well mannered and laid back. She hasn't had much of any kind of training, but should soak it up given by a kind person who loves her. She will be officially joining the PDCR pack next weekend and is coming from Kalispell.


She is another new comer. She is a small meduim, approx 40 lbs, female PitBull. She is currently in a foster home with three other dogs and gets along wonderfully with all of them. She is cuddler and will give kisses as long as you want her too! She is crate and house trained and a great all around gal. She has her basic obedience down pat and does roll-over and shake a paw too. She is very eager to please and it would be easy to teach this dog many new tricks.

Think I got all the girls! Now for the boys:


Two little cuties. They are about 9 weeks old now, they are both Black Lab X Husky pups and are doing great in their house and crate training. They love spending lazy days playing in the yard with their foster mom, Simba, a Yellow Lab who mothers them. They have been vaccinated and chipped and we expect them to be medium sized dogs when they are full grown, in around the 60lb mark. They are very curious and after the initial shyness, they will bounce around you begging for attention. Who can resist?

AWWW....... The one on the left is Buster, he is a bit bigger (today) and has more white on his chest. The one on the right is Ridley.
**Ridley is adopted**

Look at this boy! He has had quite the life and would love if the ride would just stop so he could get off!! He is only 10 months old and already had more homes then he had hoped for. He was origonally bought out of the back of a pick up truck in a Target parking lot! He was only 6 weeks old. That family had him until is got a bit too big and more of a handfull, as puppies do, so they had made arrangements for one of their friends to take him. That couple had him for under 24 hours and had surrenedered him to the shelter. Their reason was that he had more energy then their Chihuahua, so wasn't going to work out! A shelter worker begged that Hoss be given more time, and then the challenge of finding a group to take him was on. We have taken him in even though we are so full right now, but literally, he had run out of time, and then ran out of the borrowed time.

So, here he is. He is a ball of energy of course, a young and athletic dog who has been stuck in a cage for over 4 months. He needs to blow out alot of energy before we will start on any kind of training. He does know some basic commands and in the one afternoon at his foster home, learned how to sit, come here, and go lay on your mat. He also learned how to use the treadmill which will help a bit in the energy area! He is good with other dogs.


Jazz is one of the nicest 'little' dogs that we've had so far this year. He is so laid back, doesn't care about anything. He loves to fetch a tennis ball and is also a pleasure to walk. He is great with kids of all ages and sizes and loves other dogs and cats too. What more could you ask for? He is 2 years old, a Lhasa Apso X Pekinese that is neutered, vaccinated and chipped. He is about 15 lbs.


Another Pitti!! We've got a theme happening here. Just look at that color. What a cute little boy. He is in the same shelter as Ophelia and we figured that if we can take another dog for a transport coming up from the States, we should take one more! He was picked up as a stray and no one claimed him. He is young, about 7 months old, the shelter says he is very well mannered, a little love bug who gives what they call 'chocolate kisses', the ones that won't add pounds! They all adore him and can't wait for an update from us saying that he is in a great home where he is loved.

This boy has been with us since before November people!! He is a wonderful dog that so deserves a home. He is about a year old, a neutered, vaccinated, chipped, male, Lab X that knows alot of house manners and is a great adult dog. He loves being a house dog and has come a long way since being found wandering a rural subdivision. He fit into his foster home very well, is now crate and house trained, he sneaks onto the bed at night time for some cuddles, but is polite and goes onto his own bed when asked. He loves bellyrubs, going for walks, and bike rides. He goes to the dog park where he gets along with everyone. Tucker is also joining up to agility classes to see if he has what it takes for that sport! Have fun Tucker.

Last, but certainly not least, another little guy.


He too is a very nice, well mannered, happy not yappy, little dog. He is a Yorkie X with something about 12 lbs! He is bigger then a Yorkie but looks like one and has that nice silky hair that Yorkies have. He is a quiet dog that loves to sit beside you on the couch, but also likes a good tussle in the yard with a big dog. He is about 2 years old, neutered, chipped, and vaccinated.

There you have it folks, this is what we've been up to last week! Accepting applications now!