Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Handsome and.....ADOPTED!!

We posted about Hoss in the last post. I just had to update it because quite frankly, we are shocked!!

As mentioned, Hoss is only about 10 months old, has been in two homes and has spent a few months in a shelter setting. Dealing with shelter dogs alot in rescue, we tend to know how they are going to come out depending on their age and the length of time they were in the shelter. I honestly wasn't looking forward to getting Hoss. I expected him to be a complete mess, no manners, high energy and generally misbehaved.

As I am typing this, I can't help but look at him and just love him completely! He is currently curled up sleeping soundly in front of the fireplace. This isn't something that I had to command him to do. Quite the opposite happened with we picked him up and brought him home on Sunday. Hoss came into the house and got excited, OH NO! we thought, here he goes!! But, nothing happened, he came in, wagged up a storm, met the dogs, the cats and the kids, then spotted the best thing in his world...a dog bed, a big dog bed, in front of a fireplace!!

He is an absolutely wonderful dog. He is smart, willing to learn, happy, friendly, walks like a dream, doesn't hate his crate, playful with other dogs, calls off the cats very easily and like many big goofy dogs, thinks he is tiny and can 'sneak' up onto the couch! He isn't high energy, wild, or crazy. He is a goofy, gangly pup, but with so much going for him.

Hoss would have a spot in our household forever if I didn't post this and offer him up to a deserving family. I have put in a bunch of pictures that we've taken, but the last one is the best. He wanted to sleep on the bed that Ivy was on, so figured they could share. He is so big, that he ended up sitting right on top of poor Ivy who didn't see it coming! The look on her face is great, she is begging me to put the camera down and 'get this clown off my head!!'

**HOSS got adopted to a great family with another dog named Jayda to keep him company**