Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Libby Update

Libby wanted to set out a quick note to everyone to let them know she is doing well and is still patiently awaiting a new home of her own.

She even had her foster mom write a note to everyone to prove she is trying her very best to be a good girly...here is what her foster mom had to say....

"Libby continues to be a great girl in her crate, and happily waits to go in for meals and when I am off to work. She is a busy girl who loves her toys and is almost always carrying something around with her. Her leash work is coming along great and I am happy to say she will wait at the door to ask to go outside for potty breaks. Libby is also becoming a bit more snuggly and enjoys laying at my feet for a nap."

Libby's ideal home would be one with other children and willing to work with her as she is still very much a puppy.

How can you resist a face as cute and this????