Monday, March 1, 2010


This large loveable fella is Tank......why Tank you ask, well he is a large loveable guy who is pretty much shock proof!

Tank is a 4 year old Shepard Cross who recently came to us from a Shelter in the USA. He has taken no time at all to warm up a special place in his foster mom's heart, and if not for her husband saying no more, he would not be leaving. As a foster home myself I know they must be very easy going and good dogs if you want to keep them!

Here is what the previous shelter had to say about our Tank.....

"Chunky, loveable Tank, the perfect companion for just about anybody that would like a buddy. He'll flop down and roll over giving you plenty of time to pet, hug and make a fuss, because he knows once you are by his side you won't be able to leave."

Tank if great with cats, dogs and kids, so if you are looking for an all around great guy Tank is your best bet!