Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Miss Twiggy

She was found with a litter of pups and no home. The shelter in Kalispel took her in and started making sure that she got she right care to help her heal and get ready for a new home. This is the first picture they took of her,

You can see she wasn't doing great. Feeding pups, being a pup herself, and because of very poor nutrition, she also developed a skin issue.

She came into the PDCR system three weeks ago and all that have met her are wonderfully surprized with how much cuter she is in person! She is little too, only about 35 pounds and about 18 inches high at the shoulder. Just getting good quality food and lots of love, she has a body covered in new hair in just three weeks.

She is excitable like any other young dog, but she also craves a soft dog bed and a good long afternoon nap. She is great in the house, crate trained, and is just now learning how to play with toys and other dogs. She gets really excited when playing with other dogs and spazzes into rough play quickly, but is learning to stay relaxed and calm when playing. She is good with dogs of all sizes, and cats too. She adores kids and would be a great dog for a family, even with small kids.