Friday, March 5, 2010

Park Weather!!.....Finally

Well, there is hardly any snow and ice over at the park anymore. With that, came the thought of getting the dogs and foster homes together again for a meet and greet. As usual, the public is more then welcome to come out to meet the dogs as well.

We will be meeting at Gyro Park, corner of 16th Street and 10A Ave South, on Sunday, March 7th from 3:30-4:30.

Twiggy, Libby, Tank, Brindy and Brutis will be there. We have also had a few new, super cute, dogs join our group: 10-12 week old reserve special, she is adorable. Golden Ret face and body, on short stumpy legs! Thinking of naming her Bunny because when she runs, her back legs hop together! Mandy is a 6yr old female Shih Tzu X that has been an outdoor dog her whole life, we are hoping to give her something a whole lot better. And, a gentleman, Tevez, is coming in today. He is a young adult Rotti. He is wonderful dog from a family with a small dog and small kids.




Hope to see you there.