Monday, March 15, 2010

Thats MR. Couch Potato

This is Tevez, isn't he handsome?

He came to us from a great family that loved him so much, but due to their son's health issues they had to rehome their dogs. Little Emmy found a home in the first couple of days of joining PDCR, and now Tevez has come in for another chance.

He is very happy and outgoing, once he gets to know you. This big guy is a little shy in new places! But, he has a brave heart and will love you forever.

He is 2 years old, house trained, and a great play buddy for his little Jack Russell foster-sister Lola. His first home had little kids and you can just see his eyes light up when he hears little voices, he is such a gentle dog. He promises to keep your couch warm during the day and will move over, just a bit, to let you join him in the evenings.

He is waiting for you.....

Did you all notice that all the pictures are of him on the couch?! He really doesn't go far :)