Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twig-let, Twigster, whatever you want to call her.

OK, so posting every day didn't work out too well as we have had some adoptions happen and the number of dogs has gone back down to managable!

We would still like to showcase Twiggy.

She came to us from the Kalispell shelter. She has been with PDCR for a full month now and is getting really anxious for a home of her own.

Twiggy is a wonderfully happy dog, she is fully house trained, loves spending time in her crate, and gets along with most everything!

(In this picture, Twiggy had just had her first full-til-bursting meal in a long time, she isn't pregnant, just bloated!)
She is a little dog, not small, but petite. She is about 40 pounds, but only 16 inches at the shoulder. She loves to nap on her dog bed, or cuddle on the couch. She finally realised what toys were, but instead of tearing them to bits, she cherishes them and carries them around the house.
Twiggy is fantastic with kids. She has been around and proven herself to be gentle with kids as young as 2 years old. She also is indifferent toward cats, as long as they don't run! Who can resist that?!! My own dogs chase my cats if they are outside and decide to run. Its just too much fun.

Keep Twiggy in mind if you are thinking of a laid back yet playful member of your family.
If you think she's a little weird looking, you are right! She has a head, from who knows what breed, maybe Bulldog? Its full of wrinkles :) Everyone who meets her admits that she is much cuter in person!