Thursday, March 18, 2010


For whatever reason, it seems that in rescue litters of puppies are picked through leaving no one unaccounted for. However, singleton puppies are often overlooked and grow up in rescue. It never made sense to me, but I have stopped trying to make sense of rescue a long time ago.

Libby is a singleton, currently growing up in rescue. She came from a shelter in Montana. Shelters in the states are a whole different world. It really is a mathematical problem, there are more people in a smaller area of space, which makes for more pet numbers in a small area of space, which inevitably makes more puppies, and crowded shelters. Add these numbers to the recent recession and it equals more dying dogs. We know that this is occurring in our own cities, and mostly we like to help in our own communities, however, in rescue if you scratch my back, I scratch yours, and you never know when you might get itchy. And really who could resist Libby's face??

Shelter life is hard, and Libby is just learning now how to be a dog. She is gaining leash manners, has just figured out what to do with toys, and how to handle stress. She is a typical 5 month old puppy - busy and playful. She loves other dogs and always wants to play, but might be a bit much for smaller or older dogs and young children. Her amazing foster home has also crate and house trained her, and she is very smart and eager to please.

Unfortunately I cannot post typical pictures of sweet piles of puppies sleeping or wrestling with one another. I cannot tell you how she bosses around her brothers and sisters, or is the first out of the bunch to sit, or shake a paw. But I can say Libby is a fantastic puppy who has had a rough start, and desperately wants you to see her, just for her and all she has to offer.