Friday, March 26, 2010


We all love Tank, but his foster mom loves him the best!! Tammy wrote out a great update on how Tank is doing in the foster home and although she isn't in a hurry to see him go, she still hopes that a great home for the big guy is out there.

Straight from the foster home:
Tank is:

Loving, affectionate, layed back with a touch of lazy, excited when you come home at the end of the day, the BEST dog ever.

Kisses, Belly rubs, to be around people, to talk to people, Kids, to be hugged, basking in the sunhine, bones to chew, to play with the kids, play with the cats (when he can catch them), to clean your face, edibles dropped on the floor.

Tank does:
bark when someone is at the door, sometimes growls at new people (but we're working on it), not always listen when told to stay when someone new is at the door, like to lay next to you on the couch, SNORE!!

Tank never:
Messes in the house, gets into stuff, recks anything.

Is in a good mood, sleeps with Kyle on his bed, sleeps through the night

That's my Tank!!

Thanks Tammy :)