Thursday, April 8, 2010

Park Day!!

We are inviting all to attend our Day in the Park, this Saturday from 2-4. We have met a handful of times at the park and have had a great turn out every time. We have so many new dogs in the group, just can't wait for you all to meet them. Thought I would give a quick write up on all of them and if you want to hear more, come by on Saturday.

Rodents of Unusual Size!!
Any Princess Bride fans out there? These two scruffy critters came to us yesterday from the animal shelter in Kalispell. They were both found wandering around, and no one came to claim them. They are stout little dogs, about 35 pounds, but not even knee high! They are about 18 months - 2 yrs old, house trained, good with other dogs and people of all ages. Here is the male:
and the shyer female:

they don't have names yet as nothing 'normal' seems to fit. If you come out to the park, please give us ideas!!

Sunny Disposition

That is Bronco. He too was found in Kalispell, and although they had high hopes that an owner would show up to take him home, that person didn't show. Bronco is a Boxer X, about 9 months old. He is very playful with other dogs, always looking for cuddles, but also really well mannered in the house and is happy to lay around. Someone did teach Bronco the basics and he is ready to join just about any type of home, he is very good with kids too.


That is Lady. She is thought to be a Cavalier Spaniel or maybe Tibetan Spaniel X. She was seen wandering around the west side of Lethbridge for almost a week before she chose a family. That family wasn't planning on the role as her chossen family, so they called us. She is a very welcome member of any household, very smart, loves a good game of tug and will let you know when someone knocks at the door. She is about 9 months old, about 15lbs and has a very low-maintnance coat.

This little lady is a very well mannered and polite dog. She came to us from the Cardston shelter, probably a reserve dog that wandered into town. She is a very nice medium sized dog, about 50 pounds, and is a Black Lab X. She is maybe a year old, house trained, great player with other dogs, and gets along with all people.


Oh, poor Libby. She has had some interest, even a couple of sleep overs, but hasn't clicked with that special home just yet. She is now about 6 months old, meaning we've had her with us for 3 months!! She has blossomed into a beautiful and smart little girl. She hasn't gotten near as big as we thought she would either.


This little girl is so cute. If she happens to catch your eye while lounging on the couch, she will flip over and give you a look that will make you get up and give her a tummy rub. She is a Yorkie X Shih Tzu, about 6 years old and really sweet. She doesn't get along with all dogs, she likes to be the boss, but is wonderful with people and thinks cats are pretty cool too.

Forgot about TANK!! He is still with us, hoping to meet a great family that need a couch warmer! Just look at his face, he is so cute.


And, last comes the Wookie! Benni is a hairy beast!

He is a wild and crazy dog, will leap straight up in the air when he is excited and gives cute grumbles when trying to get your attention. He is very much in love with all the pretty girls dogs at his foster home and enjoys fast games of chase with them around the yard. He really needs a shave, but we wanted to post these pictures before that happens, as he'll probably look totally different once he is shaved. He does shed and is thought to be a Pomeranian X Shih Tzu.

SEE! Told you there was a bunch of new ones! They are all really great dogs, all deserving of another chance to shine in a new home. Come out to see us on Saturday at Gyro Park. located on the corner of 16th street and 10A ave South. We'll be out from 2-4.

Oh, and forgot to mention that a couple new groups have formed recently in Lethbridge and surrounding area:
Windy City Dog Rescue was created by our very own Bobbi! She is playing a huge role in helping the more mature dogs in our area find new homes, trying to focus on dogs over 6 years of age. She will be at the park showcasing Roxy, a cute Cocker Spaniel in need of a new home.


Prairie Pit Bull Rescue has also became official in the last two months. Specializing in rehoming unwanted Pit Bulls from Southern Alberta and Montana. PDCR has been listing their dogs on Petfinder as getting set up does take time. But soon, they will be on their own, but with our support just like with Windy City. They will be coming into Lethbridge from the Hat on Saturday as well to showcase Tino, a gorgeous PB X Boxer, and Duke a slow old 12 yr old PB who needs a retirement home. They also just took in two PBs from Kalispell, Rosie and Ozzi. Those two are currently in my home and they are fantastic dogs, so loveable and kissy.

See you at the Park