Friday, April 16, 2010

Soleful Eyes

I have to say that Beagle eyes are in the top ten of the cutest of animal eyes. Jersey cow eyes are right up there too, but this post is about the Beagle Boys.

We got a call about two puppies that were found wandering around a ditch outside of Nobleford. They were brought in and turned over to PDCR. They are Beagle X pups, both boys, and they are totally cute. Jasper is the biggest one, he is bold and leads the pack. Joey is the timid and cuddly one. Here they are:

This picture makes them look ALOT bigger then they actually are. Jasper, shown below is the bigger of the two boys, he is 16.9 pounds, and if it weren't for him visibly being the bigger boy, you would have a hard time telling the two apart. Here is Jasper.

And, little Joey is so cute, he is timid but tries so hard to be brave. He loves when you close your eyes and let him 'sneak' up on you. You feel his little sniffs on your eyelids and if you open your eyes slowly, you will see him melting onto the floor, belly up, just oozing cuteness. He has come around alot in the last day even, his big brother went to another foster home so Joey has had my kid's attention and two momma dogs in the house giving him much needed reassurance. Here is Joey.

In the last picture you can see that Joey has wedged himself in between Ivy and Rosie, both dogs that had puppies shortly before coming into rescue, they are so patient and kind to him. They are teaching him how to play with toys. Right now, his favorite toy is an empty water bottle, so easy to please!

Joey is 14.4 pounds and has a slightly different texture of hair then Jasper. We aren't at all sure what makes these little boys up, other then the cute Beagle heads. They are about full grown too, I was suprized to find out they are about 5 months old already. They are no bigger then my cat, they actually weigh less then both of my big cats! Anyways, lets try to get these cuties into homes really soon, they are adorable and so needing a family to love them and spoil them.

Here is a 'see you soon' wink from Jasper.

**Want to mention quickly about Rosie, she is a wonderful PitBull available thru the Prairie Pit Bull Rescue. She is wonderfully kind and well mannered with people, small kids, other dogs and cats. If you are interested, please visit: She's been my foster dog for a week now and we can't get over how good she is, and super lazy! Have a good weekend everyone!