Friday, May 14, 2010

Ankle Biters?!!

NEVER!! We have some of the cutest small dogs in our system right now, can't see any of them sticking around for more then the weekend!!

Introducing: DAISY

She is wild and crazy Miniture Pincher. Daisy should be called Dizzy, as she hops and jumps around at speeds you've never seen before. She is from the Kalispell shelter and we think she was taken there because she isn't 100% house trained. Her foster home has been working very hard on this and is please to announce that in only 5 days, Daisy is about 30%!! Daisy needs some more patience and consistancy. She adores the kids and will sleep happily in her crate, or on the bed. (8 pounds, 3 years old)


I personally am very attached to this little one. She adores people, she is gentle, kind, and loves to give kisses. She is thought to be a Sheltie X, she does shed, but her coat is very managable with just a combing every couple of days. She lounges around the house while we are away, never makes a mess, is very happy when we return and looks forward to a quick jaunt in the park and then cuddles while watching TV. (15 pounds, 2 years)

Now, come the Chi - Weenies!


This little devil is about 7 months old. He is a bit shy of new people, but then he just can't bare to see a space on the couch that isn't taken. He will jump right up and lay beside you for belly rubs. He too isn't 100% house trained, for his first 7 months, he was kept in a dark basement with owners that didn't play with him, nevermind teach him anything. He is coming along very well and is cute too!! (10 pounds, 7 months)


Precious little soul. Sera came from the same small-town shelter as Johnny. When they met at my house, Johnny went nuts, whinning and crying to the point where I really do think they know each other, they may even be mother and son. They are very bonded, right away, and Johnny is much more outgoing with Sera around. She is about 2 1/2 years old. She too is somewhat shy at the beginning and stands as still as a statue, but eventually will move in for cuddles, and a belly rub. (12 pounds, 2.5 years)

They are all the best of friends too, so if you can't decide on one, take all four!!