Monday, May 17, 2010


We have a great dog in out system right now, his name is Joker. He was turned into a shelter in Montana by his owner that couldn't keep him any longer due to a move.

Joker is an awesome dog, very trainable, motivated by anything, loves belly rubs and is just all around a great dog to have with a family. He is a Black Lab X Pit Bull, about 2 years old, has never met a stranger, and LOVES his tennis balls!

Joker is great with all other dogs that he meets, would be great to go to the off leash parks to meet some new friends. He is good with kids, sometimes will not look where he is going and walk right into them, but then makes up for the collision by giving kisses. He isn't great on leash, but that is something that can be worked on and corrected without alot of work.
As I mentioned, Joker loves his tennis ball. He is all Lab when it comes to the tennis balls and his favorite game, fetch. Not only does he love to go get the ball, he is one of those dogs that you don't even have to ask him to 'drop it', he will very energetically drop the ball right into your lap for another throw. He is easily entertained with it. You can turn him 'off' from the ball simply by hiding it, and then he will mope around the house looking for it for a while, then decide its time for a nap and crash on the dog bed.

He is your typicall knuckhead type of dog, goofy and lovable. He has a wonderfully giant head! Please consider Joker for your family, he would so love to be a part of it.