Sunday, June 13, 2010


I would like to thanks all the people who called and emailed into PDCR saying they would like to volunteer at the Adoption Fair coming up in 6 days!!! Its getting close and personally, I am freaking out!!!

Anyways, we would like to invite all the people who would like to volunteer, foster homes, and vendors who rented tables to come out to the site on Wednesday at 7pm for a walk thru, we'd like to put faces to names and assign jobs to the volunteers.

If there is anyone, or a few people, that would like to take on the job of decorating the site for us, that would be great. The decorating can take place the day before too if that works. This would work for those that maybe can't make it on Saturday, but would still like to help. There is also going to be lots going on at the site on Friday evening, so if you'd like to come out to help that evening, all are welcome.

Looking forward to meeting all of you and making this a great day for the dogs.

If you are interested in volunteering but haven't emailed in, don't let that stop you, come on out!!

Address to the site is: 3732 - 6 Ave North. Its really easy to find if you take 43rd, turn at 6th Ave, there is the Versa Cold building on the corner. Storage Town is on your left hand side across from Leth Meat and Seafood. The gate will be open at 7, so just drive right on in.