Thursday, June 24, 2010


Why has it been almost a week since a post, especially right after an adoption fair?!!

Well, a few reasons, including doing nothing after sleeping in on Sunday, many applications and adoptions to follow up on, and then I was struck with a cold straight out of hell!!

Everything is working itself out now and I seem to be back to my own personal version of normal! So, the question of the much was raised and how many dogs were adopted? PDCR was able to raise $1965 dollars from the Fundraiser!! And, we had many adoptions including:

Daisy, our little MinPin with an attitude. She was the first to go to a wonderful couple with a hubby that is retired and loves taking Daisy, now Lily, along on his daily power walks.

Patches, gentleman of a dog. He found a home with a very sweet older couple who are spoiling him already.

Charlie, this dog was a surprise! Rod, the bylaw officer from Coaldale sent me a picture of a stray that he had picked up and the picture showed a Shepherd type dog, medium size, and a nice tan/brown color. The morning of the adoption fair, when Charlie arrived, he didn't quite live up to the picture in my head! He bounded out of the car on legs only a few inches long!! Another shorty dog. We all loved him right away, so did Jody, his new mom.

Johnny was next. Sweet, shy little man mustered up all his boldness at the fair and it paid off. His foster home Karlee, had to muster up boldness too, she almost failed with this boy!

Slick led the adoptions in the afternoon. A great couple who appeared to be a very active couple snatched up this sleek boy and I am sure they are glad they have him.

Radar was also a new boy. He was from the Pincher Creek SPCA and he's a 5.5 month old male Reserve Special. He was so adorable and was a total hog in the kiddie pools! He not only soaked up alot of water, he also soaked in the praise and cuddles from a wonderful young man and his mom who were just getting over their lost of their faithful old dog Lijah.

Last to leave was Kudos. Kudos made a long trip up from Oklahoma just a few days before the fair. She was in a Bassett Hound transport destined for the Calgary Bassett rescue, but she also has some Beagle and PitBull in her blood, so she ditched those floppy eared dogs and came to Lethbridge and settled in with the PDCR gang. She is in a great home with a very nice man and his daughter. She must love it, she came from an adoring family with girls close to that same age.

BlackJack is a dog that joined us on the Thursday before the fair. He was on leash for a bit in the afternoon when all the dogs started getting cranky from the long, hot day. Bobbi's mom held onto him and used him to clean her grandaughter's face! He proved to be a very nice dog, and soon another family came to the fair and wanted to meet him. They have taken him on a foster-to-adopt deal and hopefully he will get to stay there, we will find out soon.

Sprite is also a new gal in PDCR. She was born in a rescue in Montana, and she was the shy puppy that was left til last, and then she eventually turned two in her foster home! We thought that we could show her a bit more of the world, introduce her to new dogs and people, and hopefully find a new home for this sweetheart. She is a medium sized dog that is sensitive and a bit shy, but very gentle and loving.

Rollo, Sly, and Winona were also new pups that weekend. Rollo is a PitBull X and is a total doll, got along great with all the other dogs at the fair, and absolutely adores people. He moved onto Medicine Hat into the Prairie PitBull Rescue group.

Sly came up with BlackJack and Rollo too from the Kalispell shelter. He is about 18 months old, and best guess would be Retriever X Pointer? He is tall and gangly, but not huge. He happy go lucky and a very nice dog that just needs those finishing touches from a home of his own.

Winona is a sweetheart that took the hectic day very well. She was found out on the reserve with her 12 puppies. She was found when campers by the lake heard a dog barking frantically. After locating Winona, they realised that some of her pups had fallen into the lake below. They helped grab the 6 week old pups that were scrambling at the side of the coulee, but they couldn't save two of the little babies. Winona was clearly upset and distraught by the incident but accepted the help of the rescuers and was taken to Misty Creek Rescue.

Winona was moved into PDCR a few weeks after, to help her now get over losing her pups for the last and final time. The pups were all taken into Calgary foster homes and Winona came to us. She has proved to be a wonderful dog. She is in a foster home with three kids, two cats and a small dog. She is learning quickly about house life and is hoping a new home comes for her soon. She is about 2 years old, medium sized and is a Black Lab X.

(Pictures of Winona will be posted here soon)

So, there you have it folks!! We had a great day, thanks to all our supports that donated items to the raffle table, to the foster homes who put so much time and love into your foster dog, and to the volunteers that came out for the day and did such a great job.