Friday, July 23, 2010

We're Back!

When summer comes, it really hard to find half the volunteers to 'hold the fort' while the other half go away! Turned out, most of the PDCR gang was going away for the same three weeks of July, so we took a hiatus!

We are all back, we have some dogs that we've had for a bit now, still looking for a home, and we've also take in some fantastic dogs recently too.
Here they are:
SLY (a.k.a. Bones)

Still here since mid June. He is a wonderful dog for a family. He craves the attention of his people, and doesn't like to spend time alone. He is great to walk, fantastic player with other dogs and doesn't mind cats either. He is a Golden Retriever X Pointer. He is neutered, vaccinated, chipped and ready to go!!
Remember Heartley?

He certainly doesn't look like a puppy anymore!

Heartley's name was changed to Hershey when he was adopted by a wonderful family about a year and a half ago. They has some allergies to deal with when they took him home, but they were determined to keep him and things all worked out. Then, they were transferred thru the hubby's work and weren't able to find a place that would accept Hershey. His family was devestated and tears were shed when they brought him back to PDCR.
(here he is, mid-shake, thought it was cute)

Hershey is an amazing dog! His family did such a great job with him, he is housetrained, cratetrained, quiet as a mouse, playful, but relaxed, and he never demands a thing. He is patient and accomodating with young kids, playful with dogs, also loves to sun himself for hours on the deck. Absolutely the easiest dog you will ever own. He too is ready to go!

Look at the hair!! Yes, he is an Old English Sheepdog. Orie is just 3.5 years old, neutered and also ready to go. His owner too was transferred because of work. Orie too has been wonderfully trained and loved so much by his dad. Orie is calm and mild, loves to lounge around the house. He plays with other playful dogs, but will hide behind you if a really bouncy dog approaches! He is such a sweetie. He watches the cats with interest, and watches over the kids when they are outside running around, or laying on the bed reading a book.


This cutie was adopted at the Adoption Fair in June, but due to extreme allergies by the owner, Kudos was returned. She is so easy going and friendly to all, it didn't faze her at all. Kudos is a Bassett Hound X Beagle X Pit Bull. She is lazy, has little bursts of energy, house trained and crate trained, perfectly mannered in the house and yard, and great with other dogs and cats. Her foster home has three kids under the age of 10 that Kudos loves. She is a little dog, under knee height, but weighs about 40 pounds. She loves the outdoors and is great off leash. Kudos is ready to go.


Look at this little dear! She is a one year old Bishon X Shih Tzu. She was surrendered to us because, in the words of her owner: "she is dumb". Apparently, natural puppy behavior, in comparison to their older and more mature dog, made her dumb, and they didn't want her anymore. Jenni had been exposed to many little kids in that home, from newborn to 17 years old. That is about all she was exposed to apparently. She now knows about car rides and how to walk good on the leash. She really is such a sweet little girl, super smart, catching on to new things with ease. Adopt her today!


(its a crappy picture, the foster home is trying to locate her camera! and will send in new pictures soon)

This momma dog is learning so much in her foster home. Her foster sister, Kudos is teaching her house manners and what is appropriate to chew on! Winona was found on the reserve with her litter of ten pups. Some of the babies were swept away by the raising water level of the river that she lived by. The rest of the babies and Winona were saved and brought into rescue. She is a Lab X, about 18 months - 2 years old. Being a reserve dog, she had lots to learn about living indoors, she fought the rules for a bit :), but has been doing very well for the last few weeks. She is a medium sized dog that is good with cats, dogs and small kids.

We are planning another dog day in the park, hopefully for the near future, these dogs need to be seen! We'll post the day and time soon. Hope everyone is having a great summer.