Saturday, July 24, 2010


Two posts in one day!

This one just had to be posted, and sorry for the swear, but you'll agree once you read about what happened today.

Torri is one of the gals that works at Park Pet Hospital, and recent adopter of Sasha, a beautiful Pit Bull from Prairie Pit Bull Rescue. I just had to brag!!

Enough about that! She was out by Costco this afternoon and called me saying that they had found a dog in the parking lot.
Its one thing to find a dog in a parking lot, its another thing to see a rope attached to that dog, and quite another thing to have a note attached to that rope! A note? Yeah, that was my question too. Torri brought the dog to my house and sure enough, there is a note:
(says, 'Free to goo home, had puppy shots, I am good with kids')

This adorable little dog was attached to the rope and note:

She is about 9 months old, about 25 pounds, a Heeler X and she is so cute and petite. She smells like manure, and is very used to kids, my guess is she is a reserve/farm/colony dog that someone didn't have the balls to ask for help with. Instead, they let her loose in a parking lot, a couple hundred feet from the highway, in plus 30 degree heat. Needless to say, she stood right under my sprinkler's spray and tried to catch water drops out of the air, and was licking the grass for the water.

She isn't going to be a hard dog to adopt out, already she is content to just sit on my front step, watching the kids in the sprinkler. She hasn't been on a leash at all, so a little help there, and probably some house manners to learn and this girl is going to be a dream. If you are interested in meeting her, or fostering her, please contact us.