Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We have a new cutie in the group this week, just got here a few minutes ago. Her name is OKI, and she is about 3.5 months old.

As her appearance might suggest to those that are familiar with reserve pups, yes, you would be right. She is from the Cardston Reserve. A lovely lady found her scrounging for food at the dump and brought her home. She got a much needed bath,

a lazy day in the sun,

and now she is ready for a home!

She is a typical pup, which means work! She will need some help in the house training area as she hasn't even been in a house up til this point. Oki promises that she is very smart and that she will catch on to that very quickly. She is out in the yard now playing with my dog Ivy and another foster, Bruno, she is happy with the company and is playful and polite with them.

Oki is also in need of a foster home to hold onto her for a the next little while until a home comes to adopt her. If you would be willing, PDCR provides all our foster homes with food, bedding, crate, dishes, and leash and collar for your foster dog. Please call us at 403-795-2599 if you would be interested in giving Oki a temporary or permanent home.