Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cute and Cuddly

Yes, its a KITTEN!!

I am always drawn to the animal shelter in Claresholm and have vowed that when my two old boy cats pass away, I will adopt an old boy cat from this shelter. I stop in every time I travel to Calgary which led me bring Sylvie home!

Sylvie was found as a stray, she was only about 4 weeks old. Baby kittens have weak immune systems and they are prone to pick up any little virus that is buzzing around a shelter setting. I looked at this poor little baby, screaming at me thru the bars, and thought that she might not have a good chance at staying healthy. Home she came!

My family agreed to foster her for the shelter until she is a little bit older, and then she'll go back to Claresholm and be adopted out thru their adoption program, but I thought that it wouldn't hurt putting her on the blog here and maybe someone locally will fall in love with this sweet little girl and will want to adopt her. She came home when she was about 4 weeks old, that was two weeks ago. She is going for a checkup and shots tomorrow afternoon, and would be ready for a home in just a few days.

Sylvie is amazing with the kids, stalks them and pounces on their legs! She tussles for a good hour with our little foster puppy, then they go onto the dog bed for a nap. She is also respectful of my two old boys, when they growl, she walks away looking for the puppy or the kids. Her little purr machine is very cute, was sputtery in the beginning, but now that she is used to using it, it rumbles perfectly.

Wanna take her home? Email us at: