Saturday, October 2, 2010


Can you believe all the leaves on the ground?!! I love the colors and the crispness to the air (is that a word?). Hope everyone had a good summer.

We have some great dogs that are available for new homes now. They are nice and mature ones that are going to be super easy to introduce to any home. They will be the dogs that you always thought you had in your house. No assembly required with these ones!

First up is feisty K-Lee. She is a Shepherd X, and she is 7 years old.

She has always been an outside dog and would do good in that setting. She is great with other dogs, amazing with people of all ages, and does bark at kitties, but thats all.

She loves to lay around the yard in the sun, bark when there is a reason, and will give you a good game of fetch if you are willing.

Tysen is K-Lee's brother

He is 6 years old and is a Black Lab X. He is wonderful. A gentle, quiet, loving soul. He is a bit taller then his sister but like her, he is a great medium size.

Tysen doesn't understand the changes that have happened and took a bit longer to come around to the foster home. With K-Lee around to help him, he has done just great. He too has been an outside dog for his whole life. With a little adjustment and patience, both dogs could become house dogs, they just aren't used to the heat and floors in a home right now, so tend to pant and whine and ask to go back outside.

Both dogs are from a very loving home that due to a very sick little boy had to surrender their dogs. They don't have to go to the same home but Tysen would love to live with another dog, and K-Lee would too, but if she would be the only one for all the attention, she would be just as happy. Both dogs are very easy to please, and still have energy for long or short walks, cuddling in the evenings, and the occasional off leash run with a game of fetch. They aren't 'OLD'!!

Tubby is our third, low maintenance addition. She is about 5 years old and a small medium sized gal. She is, as her name implies, a bit on the chunky side, but her little rolls match her spunky little personality to a T. Tubby is from the Kalispell Animal Shelter and was one of over 20 black dogs sitting in a cage. She didn't really stand out for me, but she did everything she could to make herself noticed! She has the cutest little face, its pointy and very smiley all the time. Her ears still don't know what they are doing and are in a different position every day. Then, there is her dance, its the most endearing thing she does. Our vet saw her do it and couldn't believe she hasn't broken a hip!!

She is very well mannered in the house, gets along with the kids and visitors, she is very welcoming to all. She is good with the other dogs and will snuggle on the dogs bed or the couch if there is room. She is good with the cats too, interested, but ignores them for the most part.

She recently spent two weeks with a past-adopter who watched her while I was away. Tubby had a great time and proved herself to be able to learn new things almost daily, and also was great off leash around the farm, took time to chase mice but was never far from the house.

(Tubby is the black one, next to Max who was adopted from PDCR just over a year ago)

So, you've been introduced with the write ups and pictures, wanna meet them? Well, you're in luck! We are going to have these awesome pups at Gyro Park on Tuesday, Oct 5th at 6pm.