Thursday, October 28, 2010


We get many calls and emails from great people that would like donate items to the group that we need in the general operation of the group.

I've been taking note of items that we use every day, or on a monthly or yearly basis, and the items compiled into quite the list.

To answer the questions: "How can we help" and "What do you need" is the answer.

For the dogs:

All sizes of collars. We do have a bunch of giant ones that we've had for almost three years, but we are in need of small dog sizes and the medium sized ones. Martingale style of collars are the best for us as there is no way a dog can accidently slip out of them and they don't have clips that can break if the dog decided to zig while we zag!

Leashes. All types are used, but we prefer the nylon (no chain leashes please) ones that are 5 or 6 feet long. We also find use for a few 25 foot, or longer, training leads.

Bedding. We have a great lady that provides us with soaker pads from the hospital, but we also get much use out of comforters. Even bath mats are nice and fit perfectly in crates.

Dog Beds. My foster dogs prefer the Costco dog beds which is awesome because they wash up great, and they aren't expensive considering their size. We have also had some homemade foam beds with fun fleece or fabric covers. As long as they are washable, we can get a ton of use out of them.

Crates/Kennels. We use them til the point where they are wiggly and duct taped together! We use wire and hardsided, and find use for all sizes.


For the Group:

Gas Cards. We do alot of transporting of dogs from shelters within Alberta and Montana. The staff at Triangle gas station on 2A Ave N are big supporters of PDCR and its my favorite place to gas up. They do have GCs and many other stations also have gas cards.

Printer Cartridges. Color and black come in very handy too for all the printing we have to do for each dog. We use the HP 74 and 75 cartridges.

Stamps. Another odd one that I didn't realise we used many stamps until I ran out! We use about two rolls of stamps a year.

And, please note that if we get lots of supplies, they don't get piled up in storage anywhere. We disperse the supplies to other rescue groups that need them.