Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hot Blondes!!

We've got two blonde cuties that have been charming their foster homes for the past few weeks.

SKAARLET is a nice and gentle reserve special. She came to PDCR thru the Taber shelter, who took her from the Misty Creek rescue, who had saved her off the reserve. Took two groups to care for her til we had room, and now we get the priviledge to see her off to her final home.

She is about 10 months old, fully vaccinated and spayed. Currently living in an apartment building with a couple of awesome students who have an adorable dog of their own. Skaarlet is playful with other dogs, and shares nicely with them. She is also amazing with small kids, her previous foster home had three kids, 9, 5, and 3. Skaarlet was in a dream when laying on the floor watching TV with the little ones laying on top of her. She is also great off leash, follows her people loyally.
Skaarlet is about 45 pounds, medium sized with medium length hair. Her pictures make her look bigger then she is. She is also almost housetrained, and totally crate trained.

MAGGIE made her debut a few weeks ago, also from the Taber shelter. She was picked up as a very outgoing and kissy stray that the shelter staff thought for sure there would be people out there looking for one came. This little girl is a belly rub fanatic!! If you make eye contact with her, get down and start sweet talking her, she will flip over within the first minute!

She is a little shaggy dog, about 15 pounds, no idea what breeds are in there. Maggie is currently in a foster home with an older couple and their four little dogs. Two of those dogs are grumps with younger dogs, but Maggie has gotten both of those oldies off their lazy-boys and involved in games of tug, chase, and wrestling. Maggie does shed, but her wirey hair could be left natural, or be shaved. Both these girls would love new homes soon, they have been great additions to their foster homes, but are now ready for something forever.