Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Speaking of names...

I think we nailed this one the head!!!
This is Poomba, and he reminds my kids of the warthog on the Lion King movie!! What do you think?

Poomba came up to us from the Kalispell Animal Shelter about three weeks ago. We were having such a great time with him, I didn't want to post about him!

He is about 2-3 years old, thought to be a Pekenise X Shih Tzu. He is about 15 pounds and a total turd! He not only has a face only a mother can love, but his personality is something else too. He is quiet and easy going, never causing a stink in the house with the other dogs or the cats.

He gets weird though, when a person tries to play with him, he plays very aggressively and bites really hard! I think there are a few factors in play here though. First, I don't think anyone ever wanted to play with him because of the snaggle teeth hanging out, kinda of a deterant I would think. So, I dont think he ever learned to 'play nice'. Secondly, because his teeth are sticking out, they do tend to 'hook' things.

He loves to play though with toys and will play fetch with you for a bit, but he is really such a happy dog and I personally like to get down and started playing with the little dogs with my hands. Well, I was shocked the first time I did this as Poomba started playing back to me, but then started biting so hard that I was bleeding! I tried it again to see if maybe I was just pissing him off, that he didn't want to play and he was telling me off......No, the same scenario happened again....more blood.

So, Poomba is looking for a home where the people aren't going to be freaking out if this happens, he does come with that warning! He also doesn't have alot of patience for smaller kids, under 5, that run around loudly and might crawl under chairs and approach him rudely. Not many dogs do find that endearing, but again, because of his teeth, he is able to accidently snag clothing.

Hope I didn't paint this poor boy as a monster because he really is a sweetheart that just needs an understanding family. Other then the hard biting during play, he hasn't ever gone at anyone in a scary way. He is very friendly, he wiggles his bum when he's excited, and when I put on my 'dog walking' shoes, he comes over and starts rubbing his face on my shoes and laces as I'm trying to tie them! From there, he'll tip over and give his belly up for a rub before the walk. He is really adorable.