Monday, December 27, 2010

Three Little Girls....Have NAMES!!!

Thanks Marlene for getting me started on the path to these great names, it was all due to your name, Fizz. Read below for the pup's names.

We received a phone call from the Pincher Creek SPCA, they were in desperate need for some help as they were receiving dogs into the the litter!

We managed to find a few rescues to help out with dispursing the litters that had no room, and PDCR kept three little Terrier Xs. They are all girls, about 10 weeks old, and from the Brocket area reserve.

We don't know what they are crossed with or how big they will get. That information is a mystery, but their final size will be better guessed at in about 2 weeks, we watch their rate of growth and compare it to other breeds at that age. But again, their true age is also a mystery!! We honestly have to smile and shrug with these cuties!

We can say for certain that they are adorable, full of piss and vinegar and sure to steal three hearts. May we introduce.....the girls.

Told ya they were cute!

The golden girl is the most bold and brave of the three and was the boss and protector.


This gal is next in bravery and fiestiness. She is the biggest, but content to let the gold one be the boss.

And, the baby, this little one is the smallest and the quietest, in the group that is. They all act totally different when seperated for cuddles and one-on-one play. You can see how we guessed at the Terrier part! This little one has the most fly-aways, the other black and white gal has the same hair but the golden one has 'normal' fuzz, no fly aways at all.
and, FIZZ

There you have them! Sure you all noticed that I never gave names....well, they don't have names!! Nearing the end of the year, after naming over one hundred dogs, my brain is fried!! This is how my brain was operating on the day I got the pups, the only names that came into my head, with the holidays a few days away, were: Turkey, Cranberry, and Gravy!!! Please help by sending us three names, a theme is great too.

They are currently in a foster home with other dogs, cats, and kids. Fresh air is key with these pups, it makes them sleep! I had some parvo pups in my house this past summer, so didn't feel safe just yet to have these babies out in the yard, so they were really loud and crazy in the house, pent up for four days before they were able to move onto the acreage. Foster mom has nothing bad to say about these babes, they are ready for homes!! They are in the house during the day and nights, with outside play time, they also do their business outside too! Smart little babies.