Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tis the Season....

Monday morning update: Due to the AMAZING turn out at the Calgary Adoption Fair this past weekend, ALL the new dogs listed on this post are currently on trial adoptions with great families in the Calgary area!!! Please check back toward the end of the week for any new postings of dogs that may find their way to PDCR this week.

Since the weather has stayed SO cold for SO long, we have seen many (as in hundreds!) more pups then usual needing rescue because they are literally freezing to death.

I was talking with the intake girl from the Pincher Creek SPCA and she had a horrible story about going out to a call yesterday about a momma dog with her 5 puppies, they had taken refuge in a abandond heat. Someone had seen a pup running around so Kristie went out thinking it was one puppy. Inside she found the mom dog and the rest of the puppies, all in and out of consciousness, too weak to move. She rushed them to the PC vet clinic, but all the pups died in the car on the way and the mom dog basically went into a coma at the clinic where they put her down humanely. Only the one pup, the one that was seen outside was able to pull thru the night, but they aren't sure of any permanent damage that might take her away too.

In talking with Kristie, mostly about that incident, she also expressed how over full they are and for the first time in four years, they had to turn dogs away from the shelter yesterday, they are very depressed. We here in Lethbridge, aren't that busy, so PDCR has offered to start helping them out. The dogs that we will be taking from the PC SPCA are below. They are all healthy, vaccinated, and some are spayed/neutered already, the others will be done next week. They are from the SPCA building but have had lots of people interaction and all of them are great with other dogs. Once we arrange for foster care for them, they will also be fine tuning their house manners.

We will be showcasing these cuties at the BowDog Adoptathon being held in Calgary this weekend!! Any that aren't snatched up will be coming back down to Lethbridge and officially joining PDCR, and we will be updating theblog at that time with more pictures of the dogs. For now, you'll have to be happy with these:

This little guy is Cheeko, he is a Chihuahua X. He is about 8 pounds, long legs and alot of love to give. He sleeps with the puppies, but hangs out in the yard and wrestles with the big dogs. He is a staff favorite and has free roam of the shelter.

This girl is Rosie. She is about 5 months old, and although she is a puppy, she has a calm nature that makes her appealing to people and other dogs. She is a sweet heart looking for a home.

These two puppies are sisters, the tan one is Jayaa and the black flecked one is Moxie. They are 8 weeks old, cute little bundles. They are very outgoing, cuddly, kissy, and love to play with other dogs of all sizes. Cheeko is their bunkmate!

This boy is Sammi, he isn't really this sorry
looking in real life!! He was born in the shelter
on Sept 11, 2010. He is about 35 pounds and
a really sweet boy that gets along with

Chinook is a beautiful little Chow X. She is about 14 week old girl that loves to chew!! Once she gets thru this chewing stage she'll grow to be a welcome member of any family.

Please contact us if you are intersted in any of these awesome dogs. We are also needing foster care for the dogs, we would love to hear from you if you are willing to provide these pups with somewhere warm to wait for their new homes. PDCR provides the vet care, crate, collar, leash, food and bedding for any foster homes that are able to give their love for a short time.