Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maybe Spring is Here?!

With the amount of cuteness going on in our foster homes, you'd think spring has sprung!

Here are some of the new additions to the PDCR family, all wickedly adorable and sure to pull on some heartstrings......

Trinket is a little reserve dog.

She is thought to be a JRT X (maybe Westie?). She is cuddly, calm, quiet, and super cute to just look at! She's about a year old, spayed and all her vetting is done. She is great in the house, loves to grab her toy, jump up on the couch, and chew while you watch TV. She ignores my cats like they were invisible, and was all wiggle bum when the kids came home from school.

Next up is Charlee.

Charlee is a Chihuahua X Daschund. He is a cute stocky little guy with lots of character. He just turned 3 years old, is perfectly house and crate trained and amazing with small kids. He gets along with other dogs and doesn't bother with the cats either.

We also have some felines!!

This poor momma cat took up residence in an old dog house in some one's backyard on the west side. She surprised the homeowner with three little babies. With the cat rescues always being so overloaded, PDCR agreed to help with this little family.

Here is Mom:

Mom cat is still a kitten herself, about 10 months old. She is beautiful in person, gorgeous silver and black tabby, very petite little cat, and loves to purr. She isn't 100% comfortable with getting held yet, but with time I'm sure she would get used to the attention that she's never had.

and Kittens:

Hats off to anyone that can photograph kittens!! I could barely get the ones that I did. There are three kittens, the grey and black tabby with white face and paws, then there is the dark brown and black tabby without any white, and the all black adorable baby. The kittens are starting to wean onto big kitten food, already using the litter box all on their own, and will be ready for new homes in about 2 weeks.

There you have it, your Thursday dose of cute.