Monday, April 25, 2011

Foster Homes....are you out there?

As most of you know, we only operate out of foster homes. Some have asked if we are ever going to have a facility, and we keep coming back to, No! All PDCR dogs get to be loved members of families until they get to 'go home'. They aren't stuck in a cage being checked on a few times a day during business hours.

When you adopt a dog from a foster run rescue group, you get a well adjusted member of the family that we know inside and out. When you look at a dog behind bars, how do you know if its going to hunt your cat....and end back behind bars, what a waste of time and emotion. PDCR tests all our dogs with kids, cats and other dogs to ensure the match is perfect.

We have been lucky for the past few months, intake has been very slow. We have been asked to help with 6 dogs in the next two weeks and need foster homes to help us care for them. They are all various sizes and breeds.

PDCR provides you with everything you'll need to make fostering fun. We give you the collar, leash, food, crate, and bedding, you just have to provide the love and basic training that some of the dogs might already have down pat. You'd be surprised at how well mannered most of the dogs we get are, its very easy to have one in your home for a few weeks.

If you are interested in helping out, or in finding out more about fostering, please email us at

Thanks and have a great week.