Friday, November 30, 2007

Tomorrow is the BIG day...

Only one day left before our ADOPTION FAIR. I am really excited and kind of nervous. What if no one comes??? I know that the time of year isn't great, and that being the first weekend in December most people will be out shopping- but we have had some great advertising so hopefully it is a success....if we get one or two solid adoptions it will be worth it!

Adoptions have slowed right down lately and I am pretty frustrated. We have some GREAT dogs who I would LOVE to see in a permanent loving home for the holidays. And of course we have lots of puppies right now too- which is not neccesarily a good thing- we will be screening carefully so that these pups don't end up as christmas presents- which by the way is NEVER a good idea (but that's a whole other post)

I have been encouraging people who may not want a dog right now, but are interested in learning more about the process and how adoption works to come out and talk to us. We will be having a silent auction aswell as draws throughout they day...

We will be at 242 12 st. N from 10:00am - 5:00pm....Hope to see you there!!!
(the dog in the picture is Tiger- who used to be "Turtle" he was adopted last year)