Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Success!!!

Wow! We were completely overwhelmed with the amount of people that showed up today for our FIRST Adoption Fair. We met some GREAT people, and the dogs all had a great day!

Melanie and Rob came from Pincher Creek and brought out some of their dogs- two of which were adopted and one that is pending. It was great to have them here and their extra help was much appreciated.
I am happy to say that we also had some adoptions!

Max, Goldie, and Shilo went to their forever homes.
And we have applications to sift through for Neena, Tala, Charlie, Jenna, Fidget and the puppies. We will be contacting people in the next day or so.
I want to thank AGAIN all our great volunteers! Sandy, Bobbi, Alana and Wendy hung out all day with Natalie and I- talking to people, playing referee when a certain boy dog got a little too amorous :o) and just generally keeping everyone happy and entertained. Thanks! It was great to see some past adopters aswell coming out to support us.
We had a draw, aswell as a Silent Auction and all proceeds will go towards Ruthie. Thanks to all the donations we raised almost $600 for Ruthie's surgery!!! The support we feel from all of you is great! Ruthie appreciates it!