Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jerry and Kramer

We took a trip out to a livestock auction yesterday and were dismayed at the number of dogs being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Dogs are not livestock. But apparently others don't think so.

We came home with three dogs- two that weren't being bid on at all, and one that we outbid for. ----------
These two little guys are Border Collie/Shih Tzu crosses. Yup. Amazing eh? I have seen a few of them around- they are being labeled as the newest designer dog.

Meet Jerry-

He is the tall, silent type. He loves to cuddle, but is not in your face like his little brother. Jerry is quite tall- and will probably be Border Collie size as an adult. Cute, Cute. His fur is very wispy and he has very honest eyes.

And then there is Kramer- who is the wild 'n crazy guy you might expect with a name like Kramer :o) He is outgoing, always happy, and the first to explore in new situations. He has a very shih tzu-like personality. He will be smaller than his brother and has long, flowing hair.

Both pups have their first and second shots and are ready for their forever homes! I will have more information about their personalities as we get to know them!
I will post about the other little addition later today...her name is Rosie and she is just my kinda dog....