Sunday, June 1, 2008


Last week we recieved three new arrivals from the reserve. They are now almost ready for their new homes so figured it was high time to get them up on the web! They are just coming out of quarantine and all seem very healthy. They are eating great, have nice solid bowel movements, and of course are busy, busy, busy like little pups should be!
So I'd like to introduce you to
Leia- (yes, as in Princess) She is the diva of the group and is very opinionated. Leia has stuff to say about everything! She loves to snuggle though- as long as it is on her terms!!!

Obi....He is the smart guy of the group- and seems to be wiser beyond his age. He is a great little pup who I think would make a great pet- he adores people, loves to learn and is willing to please.

and then there is Luke

who doesn't like to stay still for a minute! This little guy has lots of things to do and is always in a hurry. Once he is tired he is all snuggles, but when he is up and around he's a busy guy!


These pups were found under an abandoned house on the reserve. Their mom was no where in sight but we are guessing that they are Pit Bull Lab type crosses. They will be med-large sized dogs as adults. Pit Bulls make GREAT pets, and are not the monsters the media makes them out to be. As with any dog it pays to do your research!

These pups will be ready for their new homes in the next week. We are also looking for foster homes so that we can split them up. If you are interested in fostering you can email Amanda at