Monday, December 8, 2008

Pirate Girls

There are only two Pirate Girls left looking for homes.

Bonnie - the leader of the girls, a strong personality who loves to play and tug, but also loves to snuggle with you. Always one of the first to be in on what is happening or to check out a new adventure. Busy girl but also loves to just sit with you and have some one on one attention.
She has longer hair but has short legs. She reminds us of a newfie :o)

Sparrow - the quieter girl, will wait and see what the others are doing before she dives in, Sparrow is the one who can get pushed out of things. She is also the sweetest of the group and will happily sit with you and when you pick this girl up you can almost hear her sigh with pleasure for a hug. Sparrow has medium length hair and has long lab-like legs.