Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rock On!

Aimee's puppies are growing, and almost ready to go to their forever homes! Meet the Rock and Roller's

River (female) - happy, outgoing, and playful, loves to be loved

Zack (male) - quiet soul, loves to curl up in your lap

Syd (male) - a mix of both playfulness and quiet cuddles

Billie (male) - the follower, likes to follow his brothers and sisters, would do well in a multi-dog home

Gwen (female) - is confident and shows her shyer brother the ropes

Billie and Gwen

Stevie (female) - I think she is the coolest looking of the bunch! Very sweet and cuddly but also outgoing and playful

Jovi - Adopted - But this picture was just too cute not to share

We also have Chester and Dexter both males, Chester is another puppy who would do well with other dogs, as he loves to wrestle with his brothers and sisters. Dexter is a lover and wants to be with his people.

These puppies will be at our adoption fair March 21st at Paws on the Run Doggy Daycare if not already adopted, so come out for cuddles!

(Billie at Wendy's -bad foster mommy!)